We hit the beach under heavy enemy fire on September 15, 1944. On September 28 we invaded Ngesebus Island off the northern coast of Peleliu and returned to Peleliu late the next afternoon. In a brief but successful operation K Company lost 22 wounded and 4 killed.

Back to Peleliu, we continued to fight the Japs until October 15, 1944. K Company had many wounded and 31 killed. Of the 235 K Company Marines who hit the beach, and only 85 were still standing when

the Army's 81st Wild Cat Division relieved us on October 15. We sailed from Peleliu on board the SS Sea Runner on October 27, and arrived back at Pavuvu on November 7.

On Pavuvu we received more replacements, and again regrouped and retrained. I was promoted to sergeant on December 16, 1944. On February 27, 1945, we left Pavuvu aboard the USS McCracken and pulled landing and field exercises on Guadalcanal until March 7. Then we sailed to Banika in the Russell Islands. NEXT>>

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